Green’s connects the community with healthy products and locally sourced building supplies, making it easy to shop smart.

They’ve stocked their store with local products alongside national brands specializing in reducing toxins and using recycled content materials so you can effortlessly shop for zero-toxicity paint, renovate your kitchen with formaldehyde-free cabinets, or build a house with local lumber.

With more than 90 percent of products Made in America, and all featuring low to zero toxicity, you can shop easy. These are materials you actually want in your house. They’re safe, they’re local and they’re affordable. 

The Green’s Rating System reflects benefits of our products: 

•    Tulip Poplar Leaf - The State Tree of Tennessee represents environmental stewardship. Our products are sourced from manufacturers that use raw materials responsibly - well managed forestry for lumber, high recycled content in tile and counter-tops, and naturally or post-industrially derived chemistry for our coatings.

•    Hammer - Work & Economy - We prioritize local, regional, and domestic products to foster a healthy economy and sense of community.  And to being competitively priced against big box stores in offering superior quality products that contractors and architect and DIY'ers want to use. 

•    Paint Brush - Material Health - Paint is the easiest way to make an old space new & healthy. All of our products feature low and no-toxicity chemistry as determined by the highest industry recognized standards including GreenGuard, Greenwise, Red List Compliant.

•    Light Bulb - Efficiency & Ideas - Energy & water efficiency are great ways to save money & reduce demand of these resources. We believe in energy efficient light bulbs, water efficient plumbing fixtures, and companies that incorporate resources efficient practices in their manufacturing. And of course, ideas! We want to share our passion of thinking about new and logical way of living with healthy buildings and materials.