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Cool Product: Marmoleum Forbo has been a leader in sustainability for decades, so they realize that issues of health and the environment cannot be separated when discussing sustainable development. Committed to Green Design principle, Forbo aims to  increase efficiency, reduce the use of virgin raw materials and always search for the most environmentally appropriate solution by reducing, reusing, recycling and renewing.

Our cool product featured this season is Forbo’s Marmoleum flooring, which is made in clean, efficient factories, powered by 100% renewable electricity.  With Spring comes beautiful colors, bright flowers and trees begin to bloom and show off their petals; spring also brings pollen and causes people’s allergies to heighten. With this in mind, we want to control what we kind in our environments to keep ourselves, our family, and our guests healthy in our homes, and flooring is a part of that. Marmoleum flooring is not only beautiful with 23 colors, infinite floors designs, and the Marmoleum Click is renowned for being super easy to install, it is also a chemically sensitive flooring product for those with asthma, allergy and chemical sensitivity.

Our three basic needs, food, water, and shelter, establish our physical and mental health in the most basic ways, and on average we are spending around 80%-90% of time inside of our shelters. It is only natural that with more time spent indoors comes more of a focus on quality of the indoor environment, and the attention given to green architecture and healthy buildings, is becoming more prominent. Not the single product, but the building as such, is now in the centre of environmental rating systems like LEED or the newly established health rating system, the WELL building standard.

With no petrochemical based plastic, good old fashioned linoleum is the first and most reliable choice recommended by doctors who treat asthma and allergies. Generally, much of what we are being exposed to in our work buildings, gyms, stores, and homes is plastic or a derivative of plastic or petroleum, and our bodies are simply not equipped to combat the huge volume of these volatile chemicals being thrown at us. So we control what we can in our environments, our shelters, and our cool product is a great, inexpensive, beautiful, functional place to start. Forbo uses old fashioned, original linoleum recipe using linseed oil based flooring. In fact, they still make it the same way it was made in 1860, rolled out like pie dough and pressed onto jute backing; this colorful, natural plastic is all natural and spectacularly beautiful as well.

What is even more remarkable today is the fact that Forbo has combined their Marmoleum with the floating floor concept that has been around for many years, which means easy installation that can be done by DIY-ers and novices. The product requires a little basic carpentry cutting and fitting experience, but it simply snaps together without tools or tapping blocks and is worth its weight when it brings relief to a person with asthma, allergies or who is chemically sensitive. Simply gluing the flooring to the backing in the factory means that very little, if any, off-gassing is taking place in the factory. Marmoleum Click is the product that really has changed life for so many people today. Come to Green’s today to check out the products we have to offer that will create a healthy home for you and your family, taking care of your basic needs!

Would you like more information on air quality and how it affects your health? Take a look at the Forbo Environmental Product Declaration that discusses eco-toxicity and the impact on human health and the EPA website: EPA; Indoor Air Quality