AFM SafeCoat Ecolacq Pigmented Finish


AFM SafeCoat Ecolacq Pigmented Finish


Non-toxic replacement for high gloss lacquer

AFM Safecoat Ecolacq is a tintable high gloss lacquer that's non-toxic and has no off-gassing of toxic chemicals. It's a perfect water-based substitute for high solvent lacquers that can be applied to most woodwork such as cabinets, furniture, doors, windows, etc. This is a tintable version of AFM Safecoat Acrylac. For a satin finish you may add a coat of clear satin Acrylac.

Like most lacquers, Ecolacq will produce a beautiful glossy finish when sprayed, but without the nasty odors. It can be tinted to any AFM color and has the appearance of high end gloss paint. It is extremely durable and is water and scratch resistant.

Safecoat Ecolacq also is an encapsulating sealer that will block VOC emissions from chemicals that have been applied beneath its surface. This is primarily for water based finishes, but can work over oiled surfaces if they have dried long enough, i.e. usually 2-3 weeks or more, depending upon temp and humidity levels. We always recommend testing a sample first before using to be sure of adequate bonding and for your own tolerance levels.


Features & benefits

  • Water-based lacquer replacement — gloss sheen in any AFM color
  • Durable — dries very hard
  • Remains crystal clear — never yellows over time
  • High solids content — more film build, better flow and higher luster
  • Low-odor — pleasant to use; no odor when completely dry
  • Protects indoor air quality — encapsulates toxic chemicals; seals in out-gassing
  • Non-toxic — contains no hazardous chemicals
  • Safe — for everyone, including the chemically sensitive; learn how to test a non-toxic product for tolerance
  • Eco-friendly — very low VOC
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