The meaning & message
behind the light bulb.

We believe in the efficient use of energy and water. The reduced toll on your wallet and on the environment come with this reduced consumption. An air-sealed & weatherized home, long-lasting energy efficient light bulbs, ENERGY STAR rated appliance, quality insulation, solar electric & solar hot water panels – these all contribute to using less energy and saving money on your power bill. 

WaterSense labeled low-flow faucets & showerheads, dual flush toilets, rainbarrels – these all contribute to using less water and saving money on your water & sewer bills (along with the money and energy to heat your water).

We believe in the power of ideas and innovation. Innovation is both: a new invention or technology; and the renewal of a time tested technique, product or material. 

We support companies with sustainability at the core of their mission and operations, and that advance the triple bottom line – people, planet, profit.