Earth Day Seedling Giveaway

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Since our founding in 2015, Green's celebrates Earth Day in Chattanooga by offering our community a free seedling of a select native tree species. These seedlings are available to us from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture's East Tennessee Nursery for use in conservation, reforestation or promotion initiatives -


2020 - White Oak - Earth Day marks the anniversary of Green’s at our newest location. To celebrate our first year in the White Oak neighborhood of Red Bank, we saw it fitting to choose the tree that shares its namesake with our new location. The long living hardwood is known for strength, durability and a resistance to water and rot. The White Oak has numerous features that highlight both form and function. The lumber is a choice species for construction, furniture & craft, interior finishes & millwork, exterior applications, and, of course, ship making! Also, it is the premier wood used for making the barrels that store whiskey and wine. As we grow, we will look toward the White Oak and seek to emulate its qualities - duration, durability, strength and resilience.

2019 - Shagbark Hickory

2018 - Northern Red Oak

2017 - Flowering Dogwood

2016 - Baldcypress

2015 - Tulip Poplar - Our first year, we chose the State Tree of Tennessee, as it is also featured in our logo. So, of course we had to! This tree was used extensively in building structures during the early days of settling Tennessee.



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