AFM Safecoat

Based in San Diego, CA 92103, AFM Safecoat is the leading provider of environmentally responsible, sustainable and non-polluting paints, stains, wood finishes, sealers and related green building products.

Their mission is "helping people live healthier lives through safer building products. To continually develop superior quality paint and building solutions with low or no toxicity."

Founded in 1983, AFM grew out of its relationship with the medical industry. Safecoat products were developed in consultation with environmental medicine physicians and their patients, so as not to irritate or be a problem for people with allergies or chemical sensitivities, and not to cause indoor air quality problems.

Chemicals, such as formaldehyde, emit toxins even after installation. Studies have found up to 300 known carcinogens (potentially causing cancer) and 150 mutagens (capable of causing birth defects) in certain paints. These chemicals “offgas”, leaving residue into the air creating a phenomenon known as “sick building syndrome”.

AFM started by working with doctors to create safer products for those particularly susceptible to offgassing. We started with Safe Seal, designed to create a membrane over building products that offgas. Due it its success, they began to work with us to develop all sorts of safer materials.

Even today, doctors will actually write prescriptions for AFM products to their allergy and chemically sensitive patients, and AFM is well known to physicians who practice environmental medicine.

One of the reasons AFM products work so well for individuals who are sick or who suffer from allergies is because they do not cause or contribute to indoor air pollution.