Havelock Wool Loose Fill Insulation Bag

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Composition & Materials

This loose fill insulation is comprised of 100% wool and no synthetic mix. We make small balls which are hugely effective at trapping air, while avoiding slump once installed. Some argue that entangling a straight fiber will actually allow it to expand over time. Irrespectively, the extra trapping of air allows for higher rvalues to be achieved.

Air Filtration: this product filters and improves indoor air quality by absorbing VOCs and other harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, NOx and SO2.
Moisture management: wool absorbs and desorbs relative to 65% relative humidity while regulating temperature.
Acoustics: wool inherently outperforms other mediums when reducing sound.
General: wool is a natural, high-performance insulation medium; it is renewable and sustainable; compostable following an extended useful life and naturally self-extinguishing.
The global trade is responsible for the sequestration of some 525,000 tons of atmosphere derived carbon. This is an insulation material you can be proud to have in your walls.

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