Hemp Shield Sample 2oz.

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From the beginning, the development of Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer™ has been driven by one overriding principle — Hemp Shield™ must be superior in every way possible to the established brands of water protectant. During an early discussion, Hemp Shield's founder Dave Seber stated that, "It must be better than what's available. If Hemp Shield doesn't out-perform the national brands, why are we even trying?" 

Following that mandate, every ingredient used in the formulation of Hemp Shield™ is the highest performing, most environmentally friendly product available. From the 100% pure virgin hemp oil to the high-tech oxide colorants used to tint Hemp Shield™, performance, not price, drives material selection. 

The pure hemp oil on which Hemp Shield™ is based is not only non-toxic, its small molecules penetrate wood deeply, transporting formaldehyde free fungus, mildew and algae preventers with it. This results in the most long lasting water protectant on the national market. Long after petroleum based national brands have worn off the surface, deep penetrating Hemp Shield™ is still protecting your outdoor wood.

Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer™ exceeds its competitors in every aspect of outdoor wood protection by following a simple formula — every ingredient used in Hemp Shield™ is the best performing, most environmentally friendly compound available, regardless of cost.

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