Real Milk Paint Ultra Bond

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Ultra-Bond Adhesion Promoter by The Real Milk Paint Company  is mixed at a 1 part of Ultra Bond to 4 parts of Real Milk Paint.  Add 25% Ultra Bond to the liquid milk paint. IMPORTANT: Add Ultra Bond to mixed milk paint. For example, each Quart ( 32oz ) of milk paint would require 8 oz of Ultra Bond. More Ultra Bond can be added for difficult surfaces.  Always do a test for compatibility and allow 24 hours to dry. Ultra-Bond Adhesion Promoter is a concentrated No Odor Water base Binder in water; it is non-toxic and releases no VOCs. When combined with Real Milk Paint ® it will give greater adhesion to non-porous surfaces and previously painted surfaces, such as ones painted with our non-toxic paint.


  • Surfaces previously painted with Milk Paint®
  • Glass, metal, and some plastic surfaces, including melamine
  • Previous painted sound surfaces
  • Lacquered, shellacked, varnished surfaces
  • Oil base polyurethane, water base polyurethane


  • Color: white, dries clear
  • Consistency: viscosity of skim milk, thickens when added to milk paint
  • Solubility: water miscible
  • Odor: sweet smell, no odor when dry
  • Dry time: approx. 1 hour
  • Stability: stable
  • Shelf life: 1 year
  • Toxicity: non-toxic
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