Our Mission Is Simple

Building for life. 

Inspiring people to make choices that improve their environment.
Educating people on the value of green building.
Designing efficient, functional, inspiring spaces that benefit health & wellness.
Providing safe, healthy, environmentally responsible building materials.  
Creating a culture on a foundation of sustainability. 


Who We Are

Sam Young, founder & owner, is a Registered Architect & a LEED AP. His passion for conservation led him to a career in green design/build.  

Esteban Urrea, co-pilot, is a trained designer, developer & creative thinker. His love for permaculture is what led him to join the Green's team.

Ginny Kincer, investor/trailblazer, has extensive experience in sustainability field. She has a real knack for collaboration and empowering people to advance sustainability in organizations and communities.