Sustain 885M Adhesive

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Forbo Sustain 885 M Sheet and Tile Adhesive is a water-based mastic specially formulated for Marmoleum sheet and tile flooring. This is a new all-in-one formulation. This adhesive naturally resists moisture and mildew with better grab and longer open time. Requires 1/16 x 1/16 x 1/16 square notched trowel and covers 125 square feet per gallon.

Unlike solvent-based adhesives, Forbo Sustain 885 M has zero-VOC emissions and exceeds CARB2 standards as well as most other European Standards. Once dried it has virtually no odor and will not off-gas. This adhesive is required for the Marmoleum sheet and tile warranty and must be rolled with a 100 pound roller.

For those who don't like smelly adhesives, this will surprise you how easily it applies and how odor-free it is. Sustain 885 M adhesive performs perfectly with all Marmoleum flooring products. Guaranteed when used with Forbo floor coverings applied to substrates with moisture emissions of less than 5lbs per 1000 square feet in 24 hours. It is safe for everyone, including the chemically sensitive, non-toxic, and solvent-free; zero VOC emissions, no formaldehyde or hazardous ingredients

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