COVID-19 - Green's Operating Policy - 4/1/2020

The well-being, health & safety of our team and community – locally & globally – is of utmost importance to Green’s. Accordingly, we will observe and update the following “Operating Policies” indefinitely according to current “Coronavirus Guidelines” as recommended by local, state and federal authorities:

    1. Green’s will continue operating and we welcome inquiries via phone or email - 423-551-8867 or [email protected]
    2. Green’s storefront & showroom will be closed to the public.
    3. Green's will operate local delivery & curbside pick-up services.
    4. Team Members will work from home.
    5. Essential business operations will be conducted at Green’s – including receiving, processing & shipping of orders in accordance with the operating policies of our Vendors.
    6. All Team Members conducting essential business operations on premises will do so at their discretion and will use best practices for good hygiene while on premises.
    7. All surfaces used during essential business operations will be cleaned & disinfected daily with approved products.
    8. Any Team Member or authorized visitor displaying signs of illness on premises may be requested to leave.
    9. Green’s will review and update these policies on April 30, 2020.

Thanks everyone for your support, understanding and - most of all – being patient and positive during these unprecedented times.

Updated - 04/01/2020